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Weekly sale is now LIVE ! Order now

Saffron Infused Honey

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We use the highest quality Saffron and infuse with 100% Organic Honey.

It takes almost 48 hours for the Saffron to release the essential oils and aroma into Honey. 

Use one tablespoon of  Saffron Honey  mixed in a glass of warm milk before bedtime to reduce muscle weakness, joint and back pains. 

Mixing one tablespoon of Honey with Saffron in a glass of warm water and drinking early morning reduces skin pimples, acne, scars and lightens the skin complexion naturally. This mixture of Honey and Saffron detoxifies the blood and reduces cholesterol. 

other benefits 

  1. Improve Heart Health
  2. Improve Heart Health
  3. Sore Throat
  4.  Cures Cough
  5.  Protect Liver
  6.  Promoted Brain Health
  7. Digestive Health