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Peshawari Chappals

The Peshawar Chappals is very common in various parts of the subcontinent including Pakistan, Afghanistan and some regions of India. The Chappals are known by various names depending on the region, such as ‘saplai’, ‘kayray’or ‘peshawarichappal’.

Peshawari Chappals are part of the culture in this region, worn at weddings, celebrations or even every day use, since any celebration is incomplete without the addition of the Peshawari Chapppal into the attire. Being a reasonably priced and locally sourced product, and because of its durability, people use to wear Peshawari Chappals in their daily life. While the exact origin of the ‘Peshawari Chappal’ is debatable, it is commonly associated with the city of Peshawar or Charsadda.

History Of Peshawari Chappal:

Some of the historians narrate that it was first designed in current design at the end of 19th Century. Initially it was worn by Khans (Tribal Leaders) Later it become part of casual attire of Pushtoons. It as famous in Afghanistan as in Pakistan.

Traditionally the Peshawari Chappal was worn with shalwar kameez, however, in the early 90's the  famous Pakistani cricket captain Mr Imran Khan appeared in a television interview wearing Peshawari Chappal along with combination of jeans in last few years of his career. Later on it become part of normal attire of Pakistan with viral effect.

Making of Peshawari Chappal:

Peshawari Chappals are Handmade Sandals usually worn by Pushtoons across the globe.Frequently called "kayray", Peshawari chappals make up a little scale business that give a living to numerous shoemakers who spend their days occupied in making, sewing and fitting the shoes.It is made in immaculate cowhide with some elastic material being utilized in the process as well. These chappals, at first were made in the city of Peshawar. The process of a Peshawari Chappal Includes In the first place it is calfskin cutting, then the sole-production handle which is made of tyre. Sewing is finished by needle or the machine. At long last the fitting of the Peshawari chappal happens.

Famous Designs Of Peshawari Chappal:

Some of the Famous Designs of kayray,saplaior Peshawari Chappalare

  1. Xalmi

This handcrafted chapel is made with premium quality full grain leather to ensure comfort, luxury and ease. It derives its name for ‘zalmay’, which in the Pashto language means bridegroom. Traditionally, the Pashtun bridegroom has always been dressed with this design to provide a very regal look, however now it’s the perfect choice for any formal occasion.


  1. El Capitán

Inspired by our very own ‘kaptaan’, this design was made famous by our Prime Minister and has gained global recognition. What truly distinguishes this design is its thick sole which provides extra comfort and is the perfect choice for rough terrains, while still suited for more every day use.



  1. 4Sada

The classic Peshawari Chapal known for its ‘sada’ design and also for its origin, i.e. Char-sada. Perfect choice for those who want to stick to tradition and go for the simple, yet chic look, while still enjoying the premium quality and comfort that is a hallmark of BRAYT.


  1. Top Gear

Our must rigid version of Peshawari Chapal, with three parallel stitches, this pair is made to last which means you will be passing it on to generations. Perfect choice if you’re going to be walking on rough terrain such as hiking.


  1. Peshawari Breathables

A truly innovative product, which is a twist on the classic Peshawari chapal which has been made ‘breathable’ for our long hot summers. The perfectly designed perforations ensure your feet stay comfortable even in the scorching heat of the subcontinent. The unique design means the comfort will always be matched by an eye catching style that perfectly compliments the shalwar kameez.